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PressurePro Shower Head

PressurePro Shower Head

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1. Made of high-quality ABS material, safe and environmentally friendly, wear-resistant and drop-resistant
2. Multi-mode selection can meet everyone's bathing needs. With the massage head function, you can give the head a massage to relax while bathing
3. Use different modes to rinse the head, and the shower with filter can keep the passing water clean
4. The smooth surface does not scratch hands, no matter it is an adult or a child, it can be used with confidence

Product information:

Product Category: Shower/Shower
Features: Spray, massage, Beauty, Bubble, Rain shower
Material: ABS
Installation type: 4 points interface
Process: spray painting
Operating temperature: normal temperature
Style: Light luxury
Shower shape: Round

Packing list:

1* sprinkler head
1* sprinkler head / 1.5m PVC pipe
1* Sprinkler head / 1.5m pvc/ wall seat
1* sprinkler head/wall seat
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